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Scrum webshop
De Scrum webshop van Prowareness voorziet organisaties van alle middelen om Scrum succesvol te implementeren. Denk hierbij aan het juiste formaat Scrum Board, Planning Poker kaarten en handige Scrum Board magneten. Met Scrum boeken als 'De kracht van Scrum' biedt de webshop van Prowareness ook informatie om met Scrum aan de slag te gaan.


The Responsive Enterprise [ENG]

Levertijd:  2 werkdagen
prijs:  € 20,00
The world is moving faster every day. Sometimes it seems pointless to even make plans; the proverbial ink is barely dry before something has changed and the plan has become obsolete. That's why responsiveness is crucial in order for companies to act quickly in our ever-changing world. Large organizations have often lost much of that responsiveness when compared to start-ups, even though they are- in actuality -operating from a much stronger position. This is because the have already secured the essentials: clients, services, products and monetary resources.

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