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Scrum webshop
De Scrum webshop van Prowareness voorziet organisaties van alle middelen om Scrum succesvol te implementeren. Denk hierbij aan het juiste formaat Scrum Board, Planning Poker kaarten en handige Scrum Board magneten. Met Scrum boeken als 'De kracht van Scrum' biedt de webshop van Prowareness ook informatie om met Scrum aan de slag te gaan.


Engaging offshore teams is child's play

Levertijd:  2 werkdagen
prijs:  € 12,95
"Offshoring software development to India is not unique anymore. It is a mainstream business model. However, in our experience the aspect which determines its success to a great extent is how involved your offshore teams are. The more mature the relationship is between the two sides, the more fruitful the endeavor becomes for everybody. How do you go about doing it then? In this booklet we have collected teams. In the process we have collected 10 Tips, Tools, and industry leaders who are experts in working with distributed wisdom from our experience, along with insights from Tricks to improve commitment of offshore team members. To emphasize the fact that it?s not difficult to do, we?ve titled the book ?Engaging offshore teams is child?s play? and asked children from Europe and India to convey its messages through their simple yet expressive drawings."

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